The R.O.C.K. weekend (Reaching Out to Christ's Kids) is a two-day summer retreat intended to give youth a solid foundation of understanding and truth on which to develop or further a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

All teaching is based onĀ the Bible as God's Word, and the team strives to demonstrate both God's love and our own, hoping that anybody who has not put his or her faith in God will recognize, understand, and accept God's gift of salvation from sin, and that anybody who already has will come to more fully understand what that salvation means.

Weekends feature:

When is it?

The R.O.C.K. occurs twice each summer, usually the last weekend of June and the last weekend of July. Each one begins on Friday evening and ends on Sunday evening.

Exact dates, times, and locations will be posted for upcoming weekends.

Where is it?

Each weekend begins with a send-off at a local church in Rochelle, Illinois, from where the team and prospectors (youth attending the weekend) are transported by car to the "campsite" (an outdoor retreat center in the area). On Sunday evening, the group returns to Rochelle for a closing back at the church.

Who can attend?

Anyone who has completed their freshman year of high school and is not yet 21 may attend the weekend!

How much does it cost?

The cost is $90 to cover food and stay at the retreat facility.

However, if money is an issue, we are more than happy to make whatever arrangements are necessary. We want to ensure that anyone who wants to attend the weekend is able to!

How do I sign up?

Youth interested in attending one of the the upcoming summer weekends should fill out an application and turn it in. The application serves to tell us a bit about you and to enable us to make room for you!