Staying connected with other Christians is important for a continuing faith. Once a weekend is over, we encourage prospectors and team to stay in touch with the R.O.C.K. community, and we have some yearlong opportunities to do so in person!

Monthly Reunions (Food, Games, etc.)

We hold a reunion each month for anybody who has ever attended or a served on a R.O.C.K. weekend to get together to talk, eat, and play some sports and games! These gatherings are completely informal and are simply meant as an opportunity to stay involved with other believers and have some fun together.

The reunions usually take place on the first Saturday of each month. Exact times and locations are announced on Facebook and by text.

Accountability Groups

The concept of accountability is more thoroughly discussed on the weekends, but simply put, accountability groups are a way for Christians to get together on a regular basis with the purpose of holding each other accountable in our faith. We highly encourage youth to start or join an accountability group with new R.O.C.K. friends or other Christians and participate on a regular basis throughout the year!